Great teachers and sages over millennium remind us to remain mindful of the present moment. There is great power there. Our ultimate gift is to enjoy our humanity. The full range of experience is our pleasure and pain. In acceptance of what is, we find ourselves feeling immense gratitude. It’s when we decide or believe something contrary to what is that we suffer.

We’re all beyond distracted from each moment. How many of you can say that you truly pay attention to the pregnant juiciness of experiencing each moment? We each probably have fleeting moments of appreciation and relaxation into the NOW. But how many moments pass us by, without even noticing? This is when time seems to fly by. And once we have spent our time, we cannot replace it. What a valuable commodity time is!

It takes practice, but very little effort. I’ve been experimenting with this in countless ways for years. Feeling inside my physical body is the barometer for my true connection to the present moment. It has been said that it takes 10,000 hours of practice to become a master. I’m still trying as often as possible. I love to play with it though because it’s fun.

When any moment opens up to my full experience, it always feels fuller and richer. My perception becomes magnified when I am not distracted by the past or the future. When I allow what is unfolding to be fully experienced in my body, then I feel less resistance. Each moment starts to feel like the play that it is and I feel truly blessed.

Play with me, in this moment. We eat every day and how often to you truly relish the sensual experience of food? Get and apple or some piece of delicious Summer fruit. Place the fruit in front of you and examine it in detail. Notice the shape and the smell. It has an essence that you can acknowledge. Love it for being and give thanks for the nourishment it will give you. Now, close your eyes and take a bite of this fruit. Chew it slowly and notice how it feels on your tongue. What sensory tastes are triggered and in what part of your mouth? Enjoy the full experience of eating this fruit. Notice it go down your throat and pay attention to any subtle feelings of it reaching your stomach. Continue to enjoy the fruit in this way.

This may have been the best tasking fruit that you have every enjoyed. Why? Because you gave it your full attention and appreciation.

Think how this type of daily practice, as you walk through life, could enhance your life experience? Our full attention and wonder of the present moment is our gift.

Our human experience is an exquisite adventure and play. So enjoy it and use your time wisely, by paying attention to each precious moment. Be fully grateful and watch your experience become more vibrant and healthy. You were born to thrive, so don’t just survive. ENJOY!