“Nothing dies as beautifully as autumn.”
― Ashlee Willis, A Wish Made of Glass”

I love the Fall. It is a time to embrace and accept change. Autumn is a time of endings in nature and provides a valuable lesson to us as well. Dying to the old to make way for the new. Everything about the fall is perfectly aligned with this purpose, as we should be. Nature doesn’t fight change or struggle to hold onto what once was. It’s a season of acceptance and letting go.

As the leaves on the trees turn vibrant colors, they say good-bye to the mature life they had in the warm, lazy summer, so should we. They are dying to what was for a time, only so they can transform into something new. Permanence doesn’t exist in nature. Even the winds change to blow away the vestiges of what once was to prepare us for the introspection needed during the winter. You must shed your summer self and let go of what was so you can begin again anew.

Allow the winds to blow away states of mind that no longer serve you. Thoughts are even more temporal than the seasons. They exist only when we empower them. You can change the season of your thoughts whenever you want, while nature follows a prescribed path. Use the fall season to sweep away any thoughts that made you feel fearful, weak, less than others, or lacking in any way.

Change the color of your thoughts to more beautiful and vibrant ones. Embrace the wind. It is there to blow away your dead leaves and to eliminate states of mind that don’t serve your highest good. Images and feelings that may have stagnated within you over the summer and emotional doldrums that have set in. Accept the change as the trees do, with grace and equanimity.

Windy energy makes me feel anxious. My mind can be a bit scattered. I can feel like there is a bit too much going on. It’s my motivation to trim out some of these thoughts and I encourage you to do the same.

What would a tree say about losing its leaves? They just fall away and shed them gracefully and magnificently. The process is natural and necessary. What a great lesson from nature!

Nature is the easiest teacher. We get the message directly. Getting things intellectually can be a slow process. I often need to study something many times before I know it. Getting something from direct experience is a faster learning experience.

The leaf on the tree that represents lack needs to be dropped. In the present moment there is nothing lacking. The truth is that NOW is perfect and complete. Pay attention to the present moment.

The only reason we suffer at all is because we project memory into the present moment and the future. This is how the leaves of the past clog up our experience. If we don’t tell the mind to shed these leaves of the past, there is less opportunity for growth, or new expanded experience.

Come into this moment, because it is PERFECT!

Ask yourself, what is the source of this experience? Right away, your mind does not know.

Hinduism says it is Shiva. This means the source of that which is not.

Carrying the impressions of the past doesn’t allow the moment to create from nothing. When I worry about something, like the well-being of a loved one, I have to stop and work with that false belief. It’s a leaf I want to drop.

This season reminds us to let go. But this actually needs to happen all the time. We all have a fear of losing control. These are the brown ugly leaves that can go.

Life keeps generating stories. The mind is a story teller and needs guidance to create stories that are freeing and expansive. When we don’t let go continuously, these energies can deteriorate in our bodies and create disease or emotional pain.

If you come across a difficult situation, the Hawaiian Ho’oponopono forgiveness practice is amazing. When someone or something triggers judgement or pain, just say to yourself “Please forgive me. I love you. Thank you.”

This is a radically powerful energetic practice. I encourage you to play with it. Be curious and experiment. You need to really feel into these expressions with the understanding that you drew the experience to you. This is why you are apologizing to yourself and asking for forgiveness.

In this practice, you are accepting full responsibility for your experience and recognizing that we are all ONE. This takes care of the latency issue of creating this story.

This sends the message to your mind to drop these thoughts that don’t serve you. Drop them! You have permission to let it all go.

The truth is that there is nothing but source. The nothing is always becoming something. Give your mind permission to drop what it has been carrying around for so long and let the wind carry it away.

The emotional burdens are given permission to leave. They are dropped in their glorious color and expression. This is freeing. It opens you up to vitality and growth.

Lose the emotionally charged memory. Be daring enough to experiment with letting go. Practice shedding anything that creates pain. Trust that growth will come.

Whatever it is drop it!

Autumn has beautiful energy. The wind comes in and cleans up. Will you use this as an opportunity to drop anything that no longer serves your highest good? Be present and accept that which is and the truth of who you are is revealed. You are beautiful and always changing. Embrace the changes in you.

I sure hope so. Because I want you to not just survive, but to thrive!